R-Stream welcomes Christian Brink to our Team.
DW Announcement: We're proud to announce new Weekly Sales Report Enhancements!
1. Percentage column
(No more wondering what the increase in Take Out Sales is. See Take Out Sales % at a glance)
2. Ready Right Now Sales
(Monitor New Ready Right Now Sales and % at a glance)
3. LY WTD %
(See WTD over/short % on a daily basis compared to last year)
4. LW WTD %
(See WTD over/short % on a daily basis compared to last year)

RS has been able to increase the accuracy and efficiency of payroll. I would like to commend all those who have been involved in this project--JOB WELL DONE.
RS Partner, Lakeland, FL
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R-Stream announces the release of the RS-POS--the perfect front-end machine to get your real-world business data from your store. Ring an order, clock an employee, manage your business.
The Business Layer. How do we manage to offer an incredibly feature-rich product at an amazing price? The Business Layer, or as we like to call it, the N2K Layer.

The N2K Layer contains YOUR complete set of business rules enabling you to convert numbers into indispensible business information.

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