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Thanksgiving? Christmas Day? If you're open, we're open. We support our partners every day of the year with extended customer service hours. Customer Service is the most important part of our product.
We've spent hundreds of hours working with QSR franchisees to completely understand their operation, the challenges they and their team members face, and their areas of opportunity.
We are experts in receiving, processing, warehousing, and disseminating data over the Internet. Our data centers in Tampa provide over 1100 Mbps of available bandwidth with an available OC-192. We store terabytes of data with an intellectual property value estimated in the Hundreds of Millions of dollars.


R-Stream, LLC was founded in 2002. We partner with leading companies worldwide to conceive, design, and implement business solutions using the power of networked digital technology.

Businesses today face a daunting array of challenges—streamlining processes and cutting costs, exploiting new revenue streams, maximizing return on both new and existing investments, and capturing and retaining strong customer relationships. The ability to merge advanced technology into an existing business—to truly integrate and utilize technology to transform core processes—will ultimately determine the success of any business.

At R-Stream, our mission is to envision the possibilities and capabilities of networked digital technology, and to apply this technology to the specific needs of the QSR industry.