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  Allows data verification and system-wide “health” reporting and comparisons

  Anytime, anywhere access promotes multi-unit ownership

  Allows store to store, region to region comparisons

  Offers franchisees an affordable solution and access to critical business data and reports

  Why spend corporate money and time developing a custom system that you could get for $0?

  Extremely low, tiered monthly cost based on franchisee need

  Incredibly affordable pos system, comparable to ECRs

  Automated ordering systems, scheduling, timekeeping, and more

  Export to popular accounting systems, including Quickbooks

  Receive countless reports and alerts that would never otherwise be received

  Ability to analyze critical business data to help grow business

  Reduce loss with POS-based cameras
Pinpoint potential problem areas


The Data Warehouse is an IT solution designed specifically for your QSR business.
Below is a small sampling of the information you'll get.

  Weekly Sales Analysis Report
  District Daily/Weekly Sales Analysis
  Sales Tracking Reports
  Overtime Reports
  Labor & Team Member Report
  Overrings/Void Report
  Audit Report
  Accounts Receivable Sales Report
  Inventory/Food Cost Tracking
  Employee Positioning Charts
  Weekly Cleaning Charts
  Custom Quickbooks Mapping
  Event Calendar
  Automatic Food Ordering
  Communication Modules
  Waste Charts
  Monthly Maintenance Charts
  Customized Pager/Email Alerts

Register, PC Terminal, Reporting, Security

RS-POS is the perfect front-end machine to get your real-world business data from your store.  Ring up an order, clock in an employee, and manage your business.

Webcam Surveillance

Live Loss prevention integrated with the RS-POS and Data Warehouse.  View triggered events and live full-color video from anywhere, anytime. 

Streaming Music via RS-POS

Affordable music streaming. Choose which type of ambient music you wish to play, directly from the RS-POS.

Automated Efficient Accounting

Complete and convenient bookkeeping and payroll services provided at a discount so you can focus on your operations.