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The Data Warehouse is an IT solution designed specifically for your QSR business. Drawing on our more than 15 years of experience in the QSR industry, and then combining that with our world-class knowledge of technology, we've developed a system to support everything you do.

We gather the complete set of data from stores every

hour and then parse the data on our secure servers, run the data through our exclusive N2K Layer (Numbers2Knowledge), and the result is a set of reports and information that you never even imagined existed.

To cap it off, we send that information to you wherever you are and however you want it--including exports to leading accounting programs.

Below is a small sampling of the information you'll get, but to get the full picture, please set up a demo to see how the Data Warehouse can save you time, money, and frustration.

  Weekly Sales Analysis Report
  District Daily/Weekly Sales Analysis
  Sales Tracking Reports
  Overtime Reports
  Labor & Team Member Report
  Overrings/Void Report
  Audit Report
  Accounts Receivable Sales Report
  Inventory/Food Cost Tracking
  Employee Positioning Charts
  Weekly Cleaning Charts
  Custom Quickbooks Mapping
  Event Calendar
  Automatic Food Ordering
  Communication Modules
  Waste Charts
  Monthly Maintenance Charts
  Customized Pager/Email Alerts